The Civil War in Missouri

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John T. Appler Wearing His Confederate Uniform Later in Life

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John T. Appler lived in Hannibal, Missouri, when the war broke out. He was among those who answered pro-secessionist Governor Claiborne F. Jackson's call for troops in 1861 by joining the Missouri Volunteer Militia before joining the 4th Missouri Infantry (Confederate) in early 1862. Appler fought in several engagements in Mississippi, including the Battle of Corinth, where he was wounded in the shoulder and taken prisoner. Appler escaped, rejoined his unit, and participated in the Vicksburg campaign. He was badly wounded at Champion Hill and left for dead on the battlefield. He was again captured and hospitalized but recovered from his wounds. After the war he moved to St. Louis, where he worked as a printer for the Republican. He was active in Confederate veterans' organizations for many years and died at the age of 80. Appler's butternut uniform shows evidence of the wounds he sustained during the war.