The Civil War in Missouri

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Collision between the Federal Troops under Col. M’Neil and the Citizens of St. Louis, Mo.

From Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 1861
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The violence that had become commonplace in the rural areas on the western side of the state prior to the war moved to the eastern side of the state once the war started. More than 40 citizens and soldiers had already been killed in the Camp Jackson riot on May 10, 1861, and another clash the following day. Five weeks later another deadly incident occurred when soldiers of the 2nd Regiment, United States Reserve Corps, were fired upon while marching down Seventh Street. The men returned fire in the direction from which they believed the shots had come, but failed to realize that they were shooting into the Recorder's Court. By the time order had been restored, nine more people had been killed. The incident was published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, though the caption incorrectly identified the commanding officer as Colonel John McNeil instead of Colonel Herman Kallmann.