The Civil War in Missouri

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Fort Waynesville in Staat Missourie U.S. 

Oil on canvas, painting by Franz Wilhelm Leuteritz, 1864
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The town of Waynesville, in Pulaski County near modern-day Fort Leonard Wood, was overwhelmingly pro-secessionist, and its citizens flew the Stars and Bars to show their Confederate support.This made it all the more important to have a strong Union presence in Waynesville. On June 7, 1862, Federal troops marched in, set up camp, and erected a small fort, depicted here by a German landscape artist whose association to it is not known. This post served as a Federal supply base on the route between Rolla and Lebanon, and as was common for all of the military posts in Missouri, probably held local civilian prisoners deemed disloyal. The 5th (formerly 13th) Cavalry, State Militia, used Fort Waynesville as its base of operations in the military District of Rolla, serving there from the spring of 1863 until the war ended.